Gold and Silver Tattoos

August 10, 2014

Movies Star 2 day old tattoosMovie Star Gold and Sliver Tattoos

Use our Gold/Sliver Ink System with any tattoo. Make your own jewelry and rings.Very cool
Highlight Any Tattoo (Real or Fake) in Gold and /or Sliver. Get the exact look or gold foil tattoos without the big price tag. Our products are proudly made in Aussie

Are Vintage Tattoos your thing???

July 18, 2014
Vintage Temporary Tattoos Sheet 1

1xA4 Sheet of these Vintage Temporary Tattoos Images. Simply cut out from sheet and apply using water and sponge. Full instructions are sent out with goods ONLY $14.99 BUY

Amazing Temporary Tattoos

Hollywood eat your heart out


June 28, 2014

Can we please blow our own trumpet for a few minutes here and tell you how fabulous we are as well as selling the most Amazing Temporary Tattoos ever. Have a quick look out our new feedback page. Can you leave a comment please




We can print your Tattoos SAME Day

May 25, 2014


Logo Tattoos Printed SAME Day

Custom and Promotional Temporary Tattoos-Your Logo printed as a Tattoo SAME DAY providing we have you pdf artwork and full payment by 9am on that day. See below or call us 0418589792 ANY TIME

We print the fastest with the best quality and price in the World with 25 years in Business

Order Now 



Fundraising and Need Cash???

April 2, 2014

If you need to do fundraising, talk to us today and we can pint your Logo or any design/picture as Tattoo and this is the very coolest way to make some serious Cash for your event and organisation.
Our process is so easy and fast. We print Logo Tattoos next day 

Call Raymond 0418589792


Your Logo printed as a Tattoo

March 26, 2014

This is very cool. Simply supply us with your artwork and we can print your Tattoos next day. This is the time for school fetes and festivals where you can use the tattoo logos as a fund raiser. What about the different house sporting team colours. Great as Tattoos

Our Custom Logo Temporary Tattoos are perfect for sales promotions and conferences. school fetes to raise money, pass outs for nightclubs, brand awareness for product launches and business logos.

We can print virtually any logo you supply (even photo quality images). Our Custom Logo Temporary Tattoos are perfect for swimming, netball and hockey teams, personal use, TV, theater and commercial TV/Film shoots, fund raising, wedding invitations and small team events.

Talk to us today 0418589792 or go onto our web page to order now.Image

Make your own Tattoos at home. All you need is a Printer

January 5, 2014

If you have a printer at home did you know you can now make up your own tattoos


Have a Look at our Amazing New Products

November 22, 2013
Temporary Tattoos-Helping you make an informed choice

Temporary Tattoos Guru at your Service

Amazing Raymond is The Temporary Tattoo Guru and we welcome you to Temporary Tattoos Guru. Offering you FREE Delivery we are your Online Manufacturer and supplier in Melbourne Australia of in stock, custom and promotional Temporary Tattoos. Our Temporary Tattoos, Tattoo Papers and Inks-Comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124.3:2003

The latest craze has been our Vintage Amy Temporary Tattoos and Asian Inspired Temporary Tattoos Collection. You can now even create and print your own Tattoos with our DIY Temporary Tattoos Paper. We are continuously developing new and exciting ways to make your Temporary Tattoos look so real in daylight. We do this by using Liquiskin Tattoo Shine remover which is used all over the world both in retail and Movie and film environments.We have not forgot about the Blokes. Our Bloke Sleeves Tattoo Sleeves, Eye Tattoos, Black and Dragon Temporary Tattoos have been a run away success. Now you can make your own “Diamond Brooches” with our New Glitter Inks

Start your own Temporary Tattoos business!

Make excellent profit with our wholesale price Temporary Tattoo products (up to 10 times your outlay). No  special artistic skills required!
Check out our New Dab Dab Tatts Airbrush Look-A-Like Tattoo System using reusable stencils that are easy to apply and save you money. Have a look at all of our How to Videos showing you step by step application tips and techniques of our unique Temporary Tattoos.

Our products are unique because we use our own exclusive hi tech formulations since 1988. Introducing our New Make your own Name alphabet letters in Bloke Tattoos category and extra Large Armband Temporary Tattoos. You will love our Asian Inspired Tattoos so much that you will just wear them all the time as your new Skinprints Skin Jewelry. For super-real tattoo effect use our Liquiskin Tattoo Shine Remover for long lasting and Super Real FX Temporary TattoosPlease enjoy your shopping and feel free call us any time on 0418589792 for further information

Please send us your Feedback on the site

Check out our new Guru Website with state of the art shopping cart and parcel tracking

August 14, 2013


We have just launched our new website Temporary Tattoos Guru. It is easier in all ways to use and enjoy the shopping experience

Inspirational Words Temporary Tattoos

August 14, 2013

Inspirational Word Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos Inspirational Words

1xA4 Sheet of above Inspirational Words Sheet 1 Images5ml Liquiskin™ Tattoo Shine remover, Liquid Skin Shine Off™, Brush with Instructions Total $24.99 Buy


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