We’re not talking about the Pirates who sailed the seven seas

May 11, 2015


Pirates are alive and well! Now don’t worry too much, we’re not talking about the Pirates who sailed the seven seas, with real tattoos to boot. But we’re talking about a much more cowardly breed, those who steal people’s work. We’re so proud to say that we have been pioneering the temporary tattoo industry for the last thirty years, and we have had some amazing customers along the way!

But too often, someone tries to steal our work, or mislead innocent customers and barge their way into the industry. This has to stop. The tattoo industry, both permanent and temporary, thrives on creativity. It is full of incredible people, who live and breath their art.

And that’s why we love our work so much. You don’t make it in this industry unless you love it, and you don’t succeed unless you’re actually good. It’s rare to find such a combination, so when you meet someone like that, cherish that relationship. We’re not here to name names, or to call anyone out, but remember this.

Every time you make a decision to buy something in this industry, you have an impact. So make sure that impact is positive and support the people who do the hard work, not the ones who just walk in and steal other people’s work and re-brand it as their own. To our amazing customers, we’ll see you all soon!

Amazing Raymond Tattoos

Jade and cool freind

Australia’s “granddaddy of temporary tattoos” Raymond Mellick says Gold Tattoos the next bling thing

May 3, 2015

This is an article in Sydney Morning Herald dated 26th March 2015

Have a good read


…”Closer to home, Australia’s “granddaddy of temporary tattoos” Raymond Mellick says identifies with Burnet’s constant battle to protect her unique brand and product. Mellick founded Amazing Raymond – Tattoos without Needles in 1988, which led to the launch of Temporary Tattoos Guru franchise network.

The 60-year-old Melbourne businessman says he’s spent about 14,000 hours and $100,000 developing his “lick-and-stick” tattoo formulas, and today his products (2300 designs in total) are bought by customers including Fox Studios, The Burbank Studios, party organisers, corporations, schools and “grandmothers who want to upset their children.” “I was the pioneer of this industry [in Australia], starting in the nightclubs – giving people an option without permanency or pain,” Mellick says.

“In my opinion what the woman [Burnet] is doing overseas is great because it supports what we are doing and brings attention to the industry. “I have some serious competitors out there at the moment … and it can be very dirty and very hard to police.” Especially when they copy and use our designs, publicity, promotions, laydown configs and then to make matters more dirty use deceptive and misleading conduct as to their overall business product quality and timelines “Meaning they have not manufactured or designed Temporary Tattoos for 20-30 years” It is impossible to know how prevalent piracy is in Australia today, says executive director of the Australian Retail Association Russell Zimmerman.

However, he sends a stern message to anyone copying a rival’s temp tatts. “You need to be very, very aware that if you do these things, the ACCC [Australian Competition and Consumer Commission] can, and does, come knocking on your door,” Zimmerman warns. “My feeling is that as [tattoo piracy] becomes more prevalent, the commission will look more closely at it and clamp down. “We used to always say buyer beware; I would say, in this market, it is just as much a case of retailer beware……..”

We shall never forget……

April 24, 2015

They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall no weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them

Have a look at my neighbors Letter Box..A picture says 1000 words Have a great week end


You can never have enough Bling Ha ha

April 9, 2015

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The Age Small Business has written a story on The Legendary Amazing Raymond

March 23, 2015

Even The Age Newspaper Small Business has written an article on the legendary Amazing Raymond The Tattoo Man

read here

With Ink and brush the Master works to create Living Fabric TM

With Ink and brush the Amazing Raymond  works to create Living Fabric TM

30 Years in Business we are Australia’s Favorite Temporary Tattoos

February 22, 2015

We have been rearranging links on our websites, We now have 40 product lines…..thing are getting a bit out of control in a good way. Can’t help it if we are Australia’s Favourite Temporary Tattoos. Amazing Raymond 30 years in this Business

Your Logo Temporary Tattoos printed Same day in Aussie and delivery is FREE


Temporary Tattoos printed today in Aussie and FREE Delivery

November 29, 2014

Temporary Tattoos=Amazing Raymond

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Time for making some serious Cash for your school

aj2 Movie Star Gold and Sliver Tattoos Movies Star 2 day old tattoos

In the Style of Harry Potter Deathly Hallows


Now you can paint on our Glitter

dailymailuk1 Temporary_Tattoos_This_Space_For_Rent   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      HOGAN_055L

Product review: Amazing Raymond Temporary Tattoos

October 10, 2014

Product review: Amazing Raymond Temporary Tattoos.



Perfect for Fun Tatts. Print our Tattoo Paper on your Inkjet printer for fun and hobby… The result looks like a “Lick and Stick” transfer similar to the good old days of the Bubble Gum Stick On Tatts.  Extremely cute for a kid’s parties 

Fundraising Tattooos

September 18, 2014

We are coming up to the fetes and festivals tome of the year and this is a great opportunity to have a look at our new range of colored in stock tattoos to help you make some serious cash for your school or event

temporary tattoos, fund raising tattoos, temporary tattoos australia

Time for making some serious Cash for your school

Your Logo printed as a tattoo today

September 5, 2014

WOW how is that possible?

Temporary Tattoos Australia is the place for…read on

We have been manufacturing and selling Fake Henna Temporary Tattoos worldwide for over 25 years, providing an Amazing range of Body Art, Custom and In Stock Temporary Tattoos products.

We are the only company in the world today that can print your custom logo tattoos SAME day using our hi tech back end content management admin system that automatically sets up your artwork and then sends it for immediate printing. 

We can even print just one tattoo for you

Our System enables

1. Ability for user to specify the number of logos required

2. Calculator to determine the price and display this to the client ready for their acceptance and buy button

3  Allow user to input promo instructions on back of logos

4. Print instructions on back of logo

5. Creates cutting indicators

6. Resize images to the specified size

7. Reverse the images

8 Encapsulates all the images

9. Send to print team using intermediary software that takes commands from the website email and sends them directly to the print process queue

If you want 1 Tattoo or more call us now 0418589792 or go directly to the logo shop

Logo Temporary Tattoos Shop



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