Amazing Raymond® is the one and only Pioneer in the Australian Temp Tattoo Industry

November 19, 2017



The Amazing Raymond® is the one and only Pioneer in the Australian temporary tattoo industry. With over 30 years’ experience and ground-breaking technology, we create and supply original, affordable products of unrivaled quality, designed and manufactured to the highest standards in the market. Printed on the same day, with free shipping and delivery, our tattoos are safe, easy to apply, and durable. With hundreds of in-stock or custom-made temporary designs to choose from, The Amazing Raymond® will blow your mind: hyper-real long-lasting tattoos without needles!
Following the latest trends in the tattoo world, The Amazing Raymond® provides a wide range of stunning body art covering a variety of themes. Vintage Rockabilly, Gangsta, Asian, Bloke and Celebrity-inspired tattoos are some of our best-selling, most popular collections. These super authentic-looking designs are excellent for any occasion, and have been used extensively by professionals in the TV, film, entertainment, and fashion industries. Our temporary tattoos seem genuine even in broad daylight, thanks to our secret ink formulas and state-of-the-art printing techniques, as well as our unique Liquiskin® mat-e-fi-r™, a revolutionary shine remover that enhances realism instantly.
Quick and easy to transfer, The Amazing Raymond® temporary tattoos are a fun and playful resource for parties, celebrations and special events. Catering for a myriad of occasions, Fundraising, Special Day, Armbands, tattoos are true crowd-pleasers for all the family. And for a wild night out, check out our Hens and Bucks or Office Party packs. Plus, if you can’t find exactly what you want, you can try our personalised A4 sheet: you submit your design, The Amazing Raymond® does the rest. Or you can go full DIY with our temporary tattoo paper to bring your own creations to life on a laser or inkjet home printer. The Amazing Raymond® makes your tattoo wishes come true! Text Copyright 2017 Raymond Mellick


Amazing Raymond Products for Xmas

November 19, 2017
Amazing Raymond Mellick Tattoos Products for Xmas now Available:
For a manly, tough-guy look, we’ve released the original Gangsta collection -Chicano style skulls, guns, grim reapers and neck tattoos that will blow you away! A perfect match for our Blokes collection -masculine sleeves and tribal designs that will give you an authentic macho look. And if you’re looking for some exotic flair, we’ve also revamped our Asian collection -samurai, geishas, koi fish and many more traditional Japanese designs! Text©2017 Raymond Mellick
For a feminine, seductive fashion statement, check out our Henna collection -intricate Hindu-inspired mandalas and floral tattoos, elegant and sexy designs to complement your outfit. For an extra girly look, don’t miss our Watercolour tattoos -soft, pastel designs in a delicate style. And if you’re thinking of getting permanently inked, explore our Try Before You Ink trendy collection -the latest minimalistic, geometric, boho chick tattoos without needles! Text©2017 Raymond Mellick
For the retro rebels out there, our unisex Vintage and Rockabilly tattoos will take you back in time -America Traditional favourites such as anchors, hearts and daggers, pin-ups, swallows and roses in easy to apply mix-and-match A4 sheets. And if you want to pay homage to your favourite star, order our Celebrity tattoos -accurate imitations of famous designs worn by movie, music and sports icons, perfect for a costume or impersonation act. Text©2017 Raymond Mellick
The Amazing Raymond® also offers wonderful party collections for every event or celebration. Sassy and funny Hens & Bucks designed for bachelorette and bachelor’s nights out, cute and colourful Fundraising and Fun temporary tattoos for kids parties and special days, and fully customisable Corporate Promotional logo designs for branding, advertising, or promoting staff culture at institutional or company events. Text©2017 Raymond Mellick
If you can’t find the design you have in mind, The Amazing Raymond® has a quick fix! Submit your own personalised artwork -you send us a picture, we print out your dream temporary tattoo. Alternatively, you can try our DIY Tattoo Paper -with your inkjet or laser home printer, you can manufacture your own tattoo creations! And for a genuine looking tattoo finish, purchase our Liquiskin® mat-e-fi-r®, a revolutionary cosmetic solution that gives your temporary tattoos durability and instant realism. Text©2017 Raymond Mellick

Temporary Tattoos Guru-The Best

November 19, 2017



Based in Melbourne, Temporary Tattoos Guru produces the best-quality, super real, long lasting tattoos for any occasion. Hundreds of innovative, original designs, printed with the latest cutting-edge technology, and the Guru’s secret ink formulas on top-notch temporary tattoo paper.

Our temporary tattoos are great fun for boys and girls, men and women of all ages, and suitable for a range of events and celebrations. Some of our designs, aimed at children, are fantastic for birthday parties, school events, fundraisers and any other special day. And our fully customisable tailor-made logo options, targeted at companies and organisations, are an outstanding way to brand corporate or institutional events, and advertise your product or service on body billboards. Don’t miss out on an amazing chance! Printed on the same day in Australia, with free shipping and delivery, Temporary Tattoos Guru provides a must-have for your next event.

Easy to apply and remove, you can get your dream tattoo without needles: no pain, your gain! Whether you’re looking to try out a design before deciding to get inked for life, or if you want to rock a new tattoo style for only a couple of weeks, these tattoos are ideal for those who can’t commit. All the perks of a cool, trendsetting, attractive look, without the consequences of a permanent tattoo. Just order your favourite temporary tattoo sheet, cut out and transfer. Instant satisfaction: no hassle, no regrets. The Temporary Tattoos Guru’s advice: Think before you Ink! Text: Copyright 2017 Raymond Mellick

Hens and Bucks Party Tattoos

November 15, 2017



The Amazing Raymond® Hens & Bucks temporary tattoos are the best choice to get your party noticed at your bachelorette or bachelor’s night out. An original, fun element to share among the bride or groom’s entourage, this collection guarantees that everyone at the pub or club will know the reason why you’re celebrating. What a way to get free drinks and busk in all the attention on this special event!

Perfect for your last fling before the ring, The Amazing Raymond® Hens temporary tattoos consist of a wide range of sassy designs. Some of our best-selling options include classics, such as “Bride Tribe” or “Team Bride”. More risqué, yet classy, alternatives can be found on our A4 sheets, each of which consists of over thirty individual tattoos. And if you want to go the extra mile, you can opt for our unique, customisable selections, where you can print the bride’s name as part of the design. Some of our Hens tattoos are also available in metallic or faux metallic gold, shocking pink, or modern white. For an extra glam look don’t miss out on our Golden Sparks Shimmer Sparkle Powder to let your inner diva shine bright.

And for your mate’s last night of freedom, The Amazing Raymond® Bucks tattoos are a great way to celebrate and promote your bromance. Let everyone know you’re the “Groom’s Support Team” by flaunting these cool temporary tattoos on your next stag night. Other popular designs, like “Game Over”, “Team Groom”, or “Caution: Bucks Night in Progress”, are part of our practical A4 tattoo sheets, full of playful, tongue-in-cheek motifs. Additionally, you can combine these with our masculine Gangsta or Blokes collection to give the groom and his crew a manly tattoo sleeve or neck piece. Join the “Wolf Pack” with The Amazing Raymond® Bucks tattoos!

Text Copyright 2017 Raymond Mellick

Liquiskin® Matt Concealer for 100% Realism

November 13, 2017


Shop for Liquiskin TM Matt Concealer

Liquiskin® Special FX Matt Make Up Concealer is the perfect companion to your Amazing Raymond® Tattoos Without Needles. It seals, matts, and protects your favourite designs once applied, transforming your temporary tattoo with a hyper-realistic, long-lasting effect. Say goodbye to fake tattoos, and welcome the next generation temporary tattoos, so true to life they will blow your mind!

Liquiskin® enhances realism by removing any shine or gloss that may appear false. It works wonders with The Amazing Raymond® special colour formulas, designed to look like genuine ink needled in under the skin. Whether it’s a vibrant, colourful design, or an aged black and white prison style image, Liquiskin® takes these temporary tattoos to a ground-breaking level of authenticity. It also prevents cracking and bubbling, ensuring your water release tattoo is seamlessly applied.

Used and recommended by television, film and special FX make-up industry leaders, Liquiskin® has been featured in Australian and International productions, employed by professionals to optimise temporary tattoos and prosthetic appliances. But you don’t need to be an expert to reap the benefits of this product: after applying your selected design on clean skin, pat gently with a dry cloth and simply spread a thin coat of Liquiskin® over your tattoos, using your fingers or a brush with a soft circular motion. You will notice the incredible lifelike matt finish after only five seconds!

Liquiskin® is compatible with all The Amazing Raymond® tattoo sheets and paper, and it works instantly to produce an ultra-real durable effect. Your temporary tattoos will look 100% genuine in broad daylight and will last up to two weeks. Visit our picture gallery, and see what some of our customers who tried Liquiskin® had to say! Text Copyright 2017 Raymond Mellick

Vintage Rockabilly Temporary Tattoos

November 13, 2017


Shop for Vintage Rockabilly Temporary Tattoos

Fresh out of a 1950s time capsule, The Amazing Raymond® vintage rockabilly temporary tattoos will be the perfect accessory for your trendy retro look. Designed to unleash your inner “rebel without a cause”, these unisex designs are ideal for hot bombshells and bad boys alike.

Originating in the Southern United States, the rockabilly life and style is now a world-wide phenomenon as well as a loud fashion statement. A mixture of “rock” and “hillbilly”, this trend imitates and reveres icons like Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe. If you love this vintage aesthetic, search no further: The Amazing Raymond® rockabilly temporary tattoos will be the perfect choice to complement your style and give you that truly retro flair.

Drawing on the style of American traditional tattoo, The Amazing Raymond® vintage rockabilly designs are attractive, bold and colourful. Some of the instantly recognisable temporary tattoos in this collection include swallows, roses, anchors, pin-ups, hearts and daggers. Each A4 sheet includes a combination of these and many more images, which you can mix-and-match to achieve your ideal too-cool-for-school look.

To achieve the ultra-feminine pin-up girl look, combine The Amazing Raymond® rockabilly temporary tattoos with a vintage hairdo –Bettie bangs, victory rolls, bee-hives, bandanas– and a retro inspired outfit, including maxi pencil skirts, cropped trousers or polka-dotted swing skirts plus a fitted halter top. For a cheeky Teddy boy feel, style your hair up into a tidy gelled-up quiff or pompadour, wear these temporary tattoo designs under a rolled-up short-sleeved shirt, match with blue denim trousers, and make sure to keep your leather jacket over your shoulder –retro sunglasses are also a must! Just cut out and apply the temporary tattoo designs of your choice and you’re ready to rock…Text Copyright 2017 Raymond Mellick

Fundraising Temporary Tattoos

November 13, 2017


Shop for Fundraising Temporary Tattoos

The Amazing Raymond® puts the FUN in fundraising with this new collection of temporary tattoos! Ideal for school events, charity days, children’s parties and special celebrations, The Amazing Raymond® Fundraiser temporary tattoos will bring joy and amusement on any festive occasion.

Designed around kids’ favourite topics, The Amazing Raymond® Fundraiser temporary tattoos are suitable for girls and boys of all ages. Featuring quirky animals, cute toys, trendy emoji, fairy tale princesses, friendly monsters, and many more child-appropriate elements, this colourful collection is an excellent choice that kids will love.

The Amazing Raymond® Fundraiser temporary tattoos are a fresh, fun and original way to attract attention, raise awareness, or promote sponsorship to any cause or event, getting children and their families involved and helping to collect donations. And they will leave a lasting impression, too: our temporary tattoos can last up to two weeks!

Also a wonderful source of entertainment for kids’ birthdays and social gatherings, The Amazing Raymond® Fundraiser temporary tattoos are a cost-effective and practical option, particularly when compared to alternatives such as face paint. Each A4 set includes dozens of tattoos, which are quick, easy and safe to apply. Just cut out the designs and transfer them directly onto skin with a wet cloth or sponge –full instructions will be provided Text Copyright 2017 Raymond Mellick

Bloke Temporary Tattoos

November 13, 2017


Shop for Bloke Temporary Tattoos

Let your inner macho man run wild with The Amazing Raymond® popular bloke temporary tattoos! Whether you ‘re looking to experience the feel of a full sleeve before getting permanently inked, wanting to dress up as your favourite male celebrity, or just thinking of something fun to try out on a boys’ night or buck’s party, this collection will be perfect for you.

Centred on traditional masculine designs, The Amazing Raymond® bloke temporary tattoos feature a range of tough-looking images that will give you a really edgy appearance. You can choose among a wide variety of ready-to-wear half sleeves, or you can have your choice of smaller skulls, dragons, snakes, daggers, panthers and many more, which can be pieced together to produce awe-inspiring, calf, neck, back or chest pieces. Additionally, you can have your pick of tribal armbands and customisable knuckle word tattoos that will look shockingly real.

Temporary tattoo A4 sheets couldn’t be easier to apply. Just cut out each design, place it directly on skin, and transfer using a wet sponge or cloth. For an even more authentic-looking finish, order Liquiskin® Matt Concealer, which will help your tattoo last up to two full weeks, and will get rid of the shine that makes temporary tattoos seem fake. What’s more, the Amazing Raymond® temporary tattoos are printed using on our ultra-realistic secret colour combination that gives the tattoos a genuine look, indistinguishable from truly worn permanent ink. Text Copyright Raymond Mellick

Gangsta Style Temporary Tattoos

November 13, 2017


Shop for Gangsta Style Temporary Tattoos

Become a real legend with The Amazing Raymond® best-selling Gangsta Style Temporary Tattoos! Perfect for a costume party, celebrity impersonation, or just to look like the coolest guy in the hood. Our Gangsta  Style Temporary Tattoos have a long-lasting ultra-realistic look that will make you look like a legit bad-ass.

Inspired by urban culture and street gangs, The Amazing Raymond® Gangsta Style Temporary tattoos explore the themes associated with the struggles and hardships of the so-called thug life. The most prevalent images in this collection are skulls, skeletons, grim reapers, and other symbols of death, as well as firearms and weapons, which represent the dangerous lifestyle of gang members and the kill or be killed mentality. Other popular designs depict the vices and addiction, money and greed and religious iconography and beautiful, sexy women, of course!

Each A4 sheet contains a variety of tattoo designs, easy to cut up and transfer. For an extra Gangsta look, apply the Temporary Tattoos around the neck, chest, arms and hands. They can be combined with The Amazing Raymond® popular Letters Temporary Tattoos to get the real thug look: live free, stay true, good evil, and game over are some examples of trendy prison-style tattoos that you can wear on your knuckles.

The Amazing Raymond® Gangsta Style Temporary Tattoos are designed on a monochromatic palette based on our super-genuine secret colour formula, tried and tested to render an authentic worn ink feel on skin upon application. And for a truly impressive touch, try our Liquiskin® Tattoo Matt Concealer, which will give your Temporary Tattoos a matte finish and will last up to two full weeks. Text Copyright 2017 Raymond Mellick

New Tattoo Large Cards Here

June 8, 2017

We have spent the last 3 months with three artists updating all the images over our four websites. Here is a sneak peek at our Large Tattoos Cards perfect for your next party, event or fund raising day. Please have a look and tell all your friends. Have a great week end everyone. Remember Amazing Raymond Mellick is the Original in The Temporary Tattoos Industry for 30 years

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