Post Malone Temporary Tattoos

March 7, 2021

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Gangsta Style Temporary Tattoos

August 19, 2020

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Stay Safe and be positive

March 29, 2020



March 22, 2020
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More Gangsta Style Tattoos Now Available

June 14, 2018
Thanks to Bic at her 40th Birthday Party so cool!!
Becs 40th Birthday Temporary Tattoos

New Gangsta Style Tattoos for you

February 2, 2018

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Happy Holidays to All

December 20, 2017

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Mermaid Temporary Tattoos

November 23, 2017



Get a taste of the ocean with The Amazing Raymond® Mermaid Temporary Tattoos. Sexy and seductive, these half-human, half-aquatic creatures are the perfect tattoo design for the summer.

Undulating under the sea, or luring sailors with their bewitching voices, mermaids are one of the most captivating subjects of ancient mythology and folklore. Typically depicted as a fantastic being with the head and torso of a gorgeous young woman and the tail of a fish, the mermaid symbolises temptation, seductiveness and, more importantly, danger. Legends from all over the world portray sirens charming gullible, beauty-struck men, only to lead them to menacing situations, such as shipwrecks, storms, and death by drowning.

A recurring archetype in literature, painting and tattoo art, mermaids are voluptuous and beautiful, yet they can be spiteful, mischievous or tempestuous. Nonetheless, seamen have often seen them as benevolent creatures, and the tattoo tradition has transformed them into emblems of good luck, freedom, and a love of maritime life. Best worn on the arm, our A4 sheets also include a variety of nautical icons, such as vessels, treasures and anchors. Let yourself be enticed by these ocean creatures and hurry to get The Amazing Raymond® Mermaid Temporary Tattoos! Text Copyright 2017 Raymond Mellick

Henna Style Temporary Tattoos

November 23, 2017



Get the Bollywood look with The Amazing Raymond® Temporary Henna Tattoos and express your femininity with this ancient Hindu tradition.

These ornamental designs are typically used to embellish feet, hands, arms and shins and feature intricate patterns that combine flowers, paisley, swirls and mandalas. They are normally associated with formal ceremonies or rituals, notably worn by brides in India on their wedding day. However, these beautiful body decorations have largely been adopted in the Western world, and they are perfect for any occasion or event!

The Amazing Raymond® Temporary Tattoos offer all the glamour of authentic, hand-crafted tattoos without the inconvenience of henna application. You can get an A4 sheet full of designs which include armbands and anklets, lots of finger and hand or feet pieces, two half sleeves and a large back or sternum design, and they are easily cut up and transferred onto skin. Elegant and fashionable, these temporary tattoos will be the perfect complement to your outfit! Text Copyright 2017 Raymond Mellick

Asian Style Temporary Tattoos

November 23, 2017



Explore the most beautiful Oriental body art with The Amazing Raymond® Asian Tattoo collection. Inspired by the skill of traditional Japanese tattoo masters, who have perfected their craft over the centuries, these designs are traditional symbol full of meaning as well as visually impactful works of art.

The Amazing Raymond® Asian Temporary Tattoos are inspired by Eastern culture, myth and nature. These are some of our favourite motifs and the stories behind them. The koi fish is one of the most recognisable; in folklore this animal would swim upstream, a synonym of determination in the face of adversity. Similarly, tigers represent longevity and bravery, dragons are a symbol of wisdom and strength, and karashishi or lion dogs denote protection from evil and harm. Another popular design is the cherry blossom, or sakura, a delicate flower that has become an emblem of the fragility, beauty, and ephemeral nature of life and human emotions. This collection also features samurai, known to stand for courage and honour, and geishas, admired for their elegance and grace.

Traditional Asian style tattoos are vivid, colourful and bold. Try out these unisex legendary designs! They are perfectly combined with The Amazing Raymond® Kanji Temporary Tattoos, Chinese characters to illustrate your favourite words and personal mottos. Text Copyright 2017 Raymond Mellick