Welcome to Amazing Raymond Temporary Tattoos

Amazing Raymond The Tattoo Man

Amazing Raymond Tattoos Without Needles TM

Amazing Raymond Temporary Tattoos are guaranteed to impress, shock and delight. We are so confident in our products, that even children can get the perfect result. You will see why Amazing Raymond is the best in the business.

Amazing Raymond Temporary Tattoos was hatched from the concept of no permanency or pain. Established back in 1990, the model is and always has been customer focused. Some of our cutting edge products include custom logo tattoos printed next day, Dab Dab Tatts – giving the appearance of airbrush tattoos, Skin Printing, Luxury and Glamour Temp Tatts, fund-raising temporary tattoos and much, much more


Over the years we have developed Tattoo Inks, Tattoo Stencils and Airbrush Tattoos, a new product called Dab Dab Tatts which gives you the exact look of airbrushed tattoos without the need to have a compressor, gas, airbrush gun or skill


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