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The Magic of Temporary Tattoos

August 3, 2010

Temporary Tattoos- the new Black

Over the years people have tried many different ways of transferring images to the body for body art and design. Tattooists use a spirit based carbon stencil which puts down a purple image as a trace outline and then needle over it. Temporary Tattooists can also use this method as well, but instead of needling the outline they will tend to use a jet Black ink to paint over the top of this outline and then powder the design back.

Drawing the image freehand is another way to go to creat the Tattoo or body art you wish. For this purpose an excellent construction ink is needed to be able to paint a line as fine as a pin without bleeding

Henna is yet another way of creating an image onto the body. Henna is a paste made from natural plants with ingredients added to it to pipe onto the skin. When it dries you get a stain on the skin lasting a few days.

With technology there is now another way of transferring an image onto the skin tattoo transfers. These are created by you as design art on-screen and then printed onto a specially coated water release transfer paper. The paper is either screen printed, off set printed or digitally printed to give fabulous results.

Laser Only Temporary Tattoos Paper

August 2, 2010

If you want to make your own Temporary Tattoos and have a Laser printer then all you need to do is use our exclusive Tattoo Paper  together with our Liquiskin Tattoo Shine remover to create the most Amazing Temporary Tattoos you will see.

You can also draw you Tattoo Designs directly onto the paper prior to application…how cool is that?

These Temporary Tattoos  body art designs are currently being used by Motion Picture and film companies throughout the world. In Australia our quality papers and long last formulas are used by Fox studios, City Homicide, South Pacific Pictures in new Zealand

The philosophy is easy and fast and anyone can be an expert is a few minutes. Have a look at the information on our page and call us for further information.

Temporary Tattoos to compliment your new outfit

August 1, 2010

Temporary Tattoos have now become Glamorous

Gone are the days when you had jewellery to complement your new outfit. Today Temporary Tattoos are taking the place of this. They are another form of jewellery. With the larger fashion houses launching Temporary tattoos in to the market place, it has added to this new magic of fashion and glamour mixed with art and body art.

The results have been so incredible. Take a look at how Chanel has moved the market place with Temporary Tattoos. This is without doubt the biggest fashion news this year. The spin-off for other manufacturers and suppliers of Temporary Tattoos and related fashion and accessories businesses has been huge. Chanel has put the concept out there for everyone to really look at again.

Temporary Tattoos have been around for many years and they have in our opinion been a little taboo. Now the concept of body art and henna Temporary Tattoos is more accepted and even embraced as a way of expressing the persons’ inner most thoughts. Movie Stars that now embrace Temporary  Tattoos has increased and everywhere you look you see Temporary Tattoos in TV movies and commercials.