Laser Only Temporary Tattoos Paper

If you want to make your own Temporary Tattoos and have a Laser printer then all you need to do is use our exclusive Tattoo Paper  together with our Liquiskin Tattoo Shine remover to create the most Amazing Temporary Tattoos you will see.

You can also draw you Tattoo Designs directly onto the paper prior to application…how cool is that?

These Temporary Tattoos  body art designs are currently being used by Motion Picture and film companies throughout the world. In Australia our quality papers and long last formulas are used by Fox studios, City Homicide, South Pacific Pictures in new Zealand

The philosophy is easy and fast and anyone can be an expert is a few minutes. Have a look at the information on our page and call us for further information.

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2 Responses to “Laser Only Temporary Tattoos Paper”

  1. Andrew Says:

    We tried your paper and decided to add the liquiskin to remove the shine. The results worked a treat. Our friends loved the results and we made some for them as well.
    With the remaining paper we even tried to make window decals and were surprised how easily it worked. So we put one on a large candle and the effect was brilliant.

    Thanx guys. We are try these on other surfaces as soon as we can think of any.


  2. amazingraymond Says:

    Thanks Andrew for the feedback. Glad you got such a good result. Great to hear that you used a bit of lateral thinking and make window decals and even onto candles. Very good

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