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Temporary Tattoos-Helping you make an informed Choice

September 23, 2011

There are so many choices and designs to choose from when thinking about a real Tattoo. Only Temporary Tattoos allow you to test out many Tattoo designs on the body without permanence or pain. The key issue here is being able to make an informed choice and to sample our designs. You can’t sample a needle tattoo, so the next best thing is a non permanent temporary tattoo.

There are many ways that tattoo images can be transferred to the body.

Traditional tattooing uses a spirit based carbon stencil which lays down a purple image as a trace outline. This is then needled in. Some temporary transfer tattoos follow this same procedure where the outline of an image is drawn onto cigarette paper and transferred to the skin with alcohol pads. Then a special cosmetic blue/black/green ink mix is applied by hand over the outline on the skin. This is then powdered back.

Another great way to create tattoos is by drawing the image freehand. For this purpose an excellent cosmetic ink is needed. The ink should be able to be painted on the skin as a fine line without any “bleeding”. Longevity is important so a good design should last on the skin for one week or more.

Henna is another way of testing out designs. Henna, a paste made from natural plants with various added ingredients, is piped onto the skin. There is also an alternative henna which is a cosmetic red/brown ink.

With modern technology there is now another way of transferring an image onto the skin. Image outlines are screen printed onto cigarette paper and the image is transferred onto the skin with alcohol. You can then choose to hand paint the tattoos.

Images of tattoos have been used by the TV and movie industry for many years. More recently, TV shows and commercials have been using temporary tattoos to enhance the style and character of a scene. Usually the makeup artists at the production house will apply the designs.

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Product Review of our DIY Tattoo Paper

September 19, 2011

This product review was written by Nessbow on our DIY Tattoo paper exactly one year ago today.

Over the past few weeks, I have been asked several times how I created the tattoos for my Lydia the Tattooed Lady costume. When I was working out what to wear for that costume party, I wanted my tattoos to look as realistic as possible. I ruled out using tattoo sleeves or stockings early on. I have a pair of tattoo stockings, and while they are great fun to wear, they don’t look very realistic. I thought about drawing the tatts on, but I was worried about the ink rubbing off during the party or staining my clothes (or the host’s couch).

Make your own Temporary Tattoos

These Tattoos look fabulous

I found a brilliant website that specialises in realistic temporary tattoos. Amazing Raymond has a huge range of temporary tattoo products that aren’t super-expensive and work quite well.

For my Lydia costume, I wanted to be able to customise my tatts as much as possible. I wanted to have a range of tattoos that match the body art in the Groucho Marx song, but I also wanted to be able to inject a little of my own personality and humour into the tatts. Amazing Raymond prints customised tattoos in bulk lots, if you provide your own design.

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Mo Tatts save face

September 14, 2011

If you want to look very cool Mo Tatts are the way to go. Change your look, become a different person instantly. This is the accessory that will make people love and adore you.

Temorary Tattoos are so cool

Where is the Moustache Wax?

Mo Tatts are fun

I wonder if Salvador would approve

Some Keys to a great Moustache

1. Mental Preparation

Growing a moustache entails a lot of responsibility. You can’t just walk around willy-nilly like it doesn’t mean anything. The moustache must become you, and you must become the mustache. Embracing everything about the lifestyle and representing everything that wearing a moustache embodies must be your utmost concern.

2. Physical Preparation

Take a look in the mirror. Do you look good enough to wear a moustache?

3. Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your moustache is essential. We suggest a small moustache comb, used twice daily in a comb-like fashion? Anyone serious about the moustache will realize combing is mandatory. A daily shampooing will give your moustache a luxurious sheen and a beautiful glow.

4. Networking

Your new mantra should be “The moustache is where it’s at.” It’s time to start a revolution. Look around you. Thanks to SGravanno

Mo Tatts Temporary Tattoos

Bloke Sleeves™

September 11, 2011

These Tatts are almost “forever”. Now you can look like your favorite football hero instantly. With footy finals fever around the corner you need to get your Bloke Sleeves™ Tattoo Sleeves

A surprise for you

A surprise for you

Go to the footy with you Bloke Sleeves™

Footy Finals means you need Bloke Sleeves™

Easily slide them on and off your arms or legs, the material is stretchable (similar to stockings).

Our Bloke Sleeves™ are stitched top and bottom and won’t come apart like some others can

Also our Sleeves are a tight stretch so they look real when put on

Use our Bloke Sleeves™ as a Fund Raiser for Fetes, Festivals, Birthday Parties or at your school.

The sleeves are best worn with a T-Shirt to cover the top of the tattoo sleeve and wrist jewellery to cover the bottom to give the sleeve a more realistic look- see image above. Great for costume parties, concerts or just fooling your mates. As seen on the footy field

Bloke Sleeves™ is a Trade Mark application pending

Temporary Tattoos

September 1, 2011

The Amazing Oscar The Magical Mascot Rabbit

The Amazing Oscar The Magical White Mascot Rabbit

Hi I am Ocsar The Magical White Mascot Rabbit and I give The Amazing Raymond inspiration with all of his Temporary Tattoos-Products (10 ranges in Total) We work as a team. He asks me if I like this Ink Colour or that Temporary Tattoo Design, I give him my feedback and I feature in all of Raymond’s “How to” Video Demonstrations. Have a look at his Great Temporary Tattoos website or call me 0418589792

Skin Printing™ The new Face and Body Painting

September 1, 2011

Skin PrintingTM is a great new system for fun and profit. You can apply approx 20 Designs to 1 face Painting Job. No special Skill required

1. Cut out Tattoos from sheet and apply following our instructions using Alcohol Pads or Medi Swabs™

2 Paint into the outlines with our Inks

3. Powder back with either setting powder or Shimmer Powder

Easy and Fast

Make Your Own Temporary Tattoos

September 1, 2011

Have you ever thought that it would be really cool to make your own Temporary Tattoos? Well now it is really easy thanks to Amazing Raymond Temporary Tattoos.
Make your own Tattoos for your childs next Birthday Party, create ID Tattoos so your kids wont get lost, create Tattoos that will enable you to trial, different designs to see which one you like the best.

All you need to do is go to our website and you will see our exclusive Tattoo Papers. One is suitable for InkJet and the other is suitable only for Laser Printers. Also you don’t even need a printer. You can draw your own designs directly onto the paper and WOW in a couple of minutes you can apply the Tattoo directly to your skin.

Have a look at this video here to see our Laser only paper being used in combination with our famous Liquiskin TM Tattoo Shine remover. You will see before your eyes and only in approx 4-5 seconds the Tattoo becomes real. This product is easy, safe and fun to use. Major TV and Movie production companies in Australia including South Pacific Pictures in New Zealand, Warner Bros Movie World, City Homicide, Killing Time, Rush, Offspring to name a few have used or are currently using our Liquiskin® Tattoo Shine remover and/or Tattoo papers

Order 3 or more Sheets of Tattoo paper and receive free an Amazing Tattoo Sleeve chosen by us as our Thank you. Feel free to call us at any time to discuss this Make Your Own Temporary Tattoos product 0418589792