Liquiskin® Tattoo Shine Remover

Liquiskin ® Tattoo Shine Remover now makes Temporary Tattoos look REAL

Now Temporary Tattoos Look Real thanks to Amazing Raymond Tempoorary Tattoos

Liquiskin® Tattoo Shine Remover

This product is an absolute must with our Laser Only Tattoo Paper

1. Liquiskin® Tattoo Shine remover adds a second skin film layer to help Tattoos last longer can last up to two weeks. Buy our Amazing Liquiskin ® Tattoo Shine Remover.

2. Liquiskin® Tattoo Shine removes the tell tale Shine from ALL water based Temporary Tattoos and at the same time magically adds our famous “Scar Red” formulation to the tattoo edge to give the illusion of “Needlework”

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