Bloke Sleeves™

These Tatts are almost “forever”. Now you can look like your favorite football hero instantly. With footy finals fever around the corner you need to get your Bloke Sleeves™ Tattoo Sleeves

A surprise for you

A surprise for you

Go to the footy with you Bloke Sleeves™

Footy Finals means you need Bloke Sleeves™

Easily slide them on and off your arms or legs, the material is stretchable (similar to stockings).

Our Bloke Sleeves™ are stitched top and bottom and won’t come apart like some others can

Also our Sleeves are a tight stretch so they look real when put on

Use our Bloke Sleeves™ as a Fund Raiser for Fetes, Festivals, Birthday Parties or at your school.

The sleeves are best worn with a T-Shirt to cover the top of the tattoo sleeve and wrist jewellery to cover the bottom to give the sleeve a more realistic look- see image above. Great for costume parties, concerts or just fooling your mates. As seen on the footy field

Bloke Sleeves™ is a Trade Mark application pending

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