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Fund Raising Temporary Tattoos

May 31, 2012

It is coming to the season ago where the School Fete rules. We have a great range of Temporary Tattoos designed for you to apply in a few seconds and make serious funds on the fete day.

Amazing Raymond Money Making Tatts

Tattoos wont rot your teeth


We have pre coloured water release tattoos both in stock and we can make your own school logo into a tattoo.
This is a cool idea especially for sport teams with different emblems.

Schools, clubs and teams are busy fundraising. Make your  fundraising efforts even more successful by adding temporary tattoos.  600 Tattoos of your choice are only $150.00…That make each Tattoo only 25 cents each.

Easy, Fast, Safe and Simple to Apply. Affordable and FDA Compliant. Applied with water

Applied by people with NO special artistic skill. Lasting up to one week on the skin or can be Instantly removed with any perfume or Baby Oil.

Applied for a minimum of $2.00+ each and then at the same time get the kids to buy another Tattoo/s to take home and apply themselves for a further $1.00 + each. In this way you double your sales.

Our Coloured Tattoos are released onto the skin with water and a sponge. Easy, Simple, Fast and Safe.

Designed for people with No special artistic skill-Ideal for Fetes and Fund Raising. We supply FREE Promotional Material with all goods

Lilly Miljkovic Make Up Artist to the Stars using Amazing Raymond® Tattoos and Liquiskin® Tattoo Shine remover

May 29, 2012

Things are never as they seem!!

Introducing new Incredible Asian Inspired Temporary Tattoos

May 26, 2012

Introducing our new Range of fabulous Asian Inspired Temporary TattoosImage

Our products are unique because we use our own exclusive hi tech formulations. Combine this with speed of application and super real FX and you have Amazing Raymond® Temporary Tattoos

You will love our Asian Inspired Tattoos so much that you will just wear them all the time as your new

Skinprints Skin Jewelry®

For super-real tattoo effect use our Liquiskin® Tattoo Shine Remover

Temporary Tattoos Papers

May 24, 2012

Welcome to The Amazing Raymond® Temporary Stickon Tattoos

We have been manufacturing and selling Temporary Tattoos to Australian Businesses and the general public for over 20 years, providing an Amazing range of Body Art, Custom and In Stock Temporary Tattoos products.

Here at Amazing Raymond® Temporary Tattoos we are the leading innovators of our industry in Australia. We pride ourselves on having cutting edge quality, technology and customer service. Our Unique and exclusive Laser only Tattoo Paper and Liquiskin® Tattoo Shine remover have been used extensively on Bikie Wars-Brothers in Arms TV Series


Now Fake Tattoos Look Super Real

May 24, 2012

Our Tattoos can last up to two weeks