Publicity & Amazing Raymond go hand in hand

Publicity and Amazing Raymond

Jade and his Tatts and cool friend

Out on a Limb-Body Billboards®

Background-Things that make us proud

The Amazing Raymond® The Original can design our products to fit your corporate strategy to be innovative, satisfy consumer trends, have mainstream appeal and create a leading edge.

The philosophy of Amazing Raymond® Tattoos Without Needles® Launched in 1988 is:

– To encourage young people to make an informed choice and NOT commit needle to skin

-To have 150% commitment to excellence, outstanding and innovative products

-To offer a back up and custoemr service which is second to none

-To always give more than is required or expected

-To never give up ..even though it took 14,000 hours to develop the Amazing Raymond® Tattoo Formulas

The Amazing Raymond® has appeared extensively on National TV, in Magazines, Radio and Press as

“The Cosmetic Artist to the Stars”


Channel 7 11am, Steve Vizard Show, Channel 9 Today Show, Australian Womens Weekly, Australian Post, Picture Magazine, Truth Magazine, Beat and Inpress Mags, Good Morning Australia(10), Albury Border Mail, Saturday at Ricks(9), Channel 9 In Melbourne Today Ernie and Denise, The Midday Show Ray Martin, Melbourne Times, Who Weekly Magazine, Age(Good Weekend Magazine, Herald Sun and Sunday Herald Sun, MSO and Outrage Magazines, Bert Newton on 10, Albury Prime TV, Midday with Kerri-Anne, The Emerald Hill Times, Yarra Leader, Tattoos Downunder Magazine

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