Australia’s “granddaddy of temporary tattoos” Raymond Mellick says Gold Tattoos the next bling thing

This is an article in Sydney Morning Herald dated 26th March 2015

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…”Closer to home, Australia’s “granddaddy of temporary tattoos” Raymond Mellick says identifies with Burnet’s constant battle to protect her unique brand and product. Mellick founded Amazing Raymond – Tattoos without Needles in 1988, which led to the launch of Temporary Tattoos Guru franchise network.

The 60-year-old Melbourne businessman says he’s spent about 14,000 hours and $100,000 developing his “lick-and-stick” tattoo formulas, and today his products (2300 designs in total) are bought by customers including Fox Studios, The Burbank Studios, party organisers, corporations, schools and “grandmothers who want to upset their children.” “I was the pioneer of this industry [in Australia], starting in the nightclubs – giving people an option without permanency or pain,” Mellick says.

“In my opinion what the woman [Burnet] is doing overseas is great because it supports what we are doing and brings attention to the industry. “I have some serious competitors out there at the moment … and it can be very dirty and very hard to police.” It is impossible to know how prevalent piracy is in Australia today, says executive director of the Australian Retail Association Russell Zimmerman.

However, he sends a stern message to anyone copying a rival’s temp tatts. “You need to be very, very aware that if you do these things, the ACCC [Australian Competition and Consumer Commission] can, and does, come knocking on your door,” Zimmerman warns. “My feeling is that as [tattoo piracy] becomes more prevalent, the commission will look more closely at it and clamp down. “We used to always say buyer beware; I would say, in this market, it is just as much a case of retailer beware……..”

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