Temporary Tattoos – A Hobby With Loads of Fun

Have you wondered what it would be like to turn a hobby that you really love into a great living? Temporary Tattoos are the perfect solution.

First you have to find the right products. There are many different ones to choose from and you will need the very best. Your choices for Temporary Tattoos range from hand painted, water release transfers, alcohol release tattoos, coloured inks, reusable stencil products, face and body paints and many other products.

The most important thing is to ‘Sell the Sizzle’ and create your name. It might be Raymond’s Temporary Tattoos or Sally Temp Tatts. Make sure you have a big, colourful logo and a large display of photos and pictures of tattoo art so that people can see you have a real Tattoo Studio. Crowds are drawn to colour and interesting designs.

People need to understand what you are doing as soon as they see you and be inspired to get their Tattoo. Be inviting but never push people to buy. If someone is standing there looking a bit shy, simply tell them to come into the studio rather than hanging back, looking through the glass. Always apply tattoos to yourself so you can show that it’s trouble-free and they work.

Keep your back to the crowd so people can see what you are doing. Give them time to check out the different Tattoo designs and when it’s their turn they won’t waste your time deciding which one they want. You can then work quickly and efficiently.

Application of perfect hi-tech Tattoos should take 20-30 seconds. In this way you can make good money. Your stock should cost about 30 cents per tattoo and can be sold for $3.00- $5.00 each. When the Tattoo is completed give the customer your card containing instructions on caring for their tattoo and your phone details so people can come back to you or tell their friends.

Be careful when working outside. If it’s a windy day your Airbrush Gun could clog up. There are rescue products available that will allow you to immediately switch over to a different method so that you can keep working and not lose any money, even if the electricity is cut off.

Try not to do Henna at large events as it takes too long to dry. Henna is best left for private appointments where you have time for the Henna to dry.

Don’t forget to have your tattoo paper with you so you can create a design on the spot if someone wants a customised tattoo applied.

Displaying your Temporary Tattoos is so important. The best way is to have a sticky board where you place the tattoos image side out on the board. When a customer makes a purchase, remove the Tattoo and apply it. This leaves a gap on the board which should be refilled quickly. In this way the customer only sees what is in front of them and you will move all of your stock.

Make sure your work station is keep very clean and stocked up. Wear a uniform with your logo prominently displayed. Never sit to work. Standing is easier and you can move the customer easily to apply Tattoos on various spots on the Body.

Always add-in colour for FREE. Show that you care about adding value and giving good customer service. Let people know that the main reason you are doing this is to encourage young people not to commit to permanent tattoos. A try-before-you-buy philosophy will help them make an informed choice so there are no regrets.

Next you need to start working in nightclubs. Take your kit into the club and suggest to the owners that their customers get a free tattoo voucher with each drink they buy. You will then let the customer choose for FREE any Tattoo on the board which you will apply. The club pays in advance for this service, half before the event and the balance on the day or night it takes place. Confirm the booking date once the cheque for the advance payment has been cleared. Everyone’s a winner, the customer gets something for FREE, the club is rewarded with happy customers who will keep coming back and you get paid.

While you are doing all this, talk to other Tattooists and suggest that they send their customers to you to trial different Tattoo Designs. Their customers can really think about the design and where they want it applied. They don’t need to rush and the Tattooists are happy as they don’t want people coming to them who can’t make a decision.

Everyone benefits and you will always be in paid work.

Temporary Tattoos can be the secret of your success in the TV and Film industry. You will make many contacts and get great opportunities presented to you. You will make so much money and love every moment. Enjoy Temporary Tattoos.

Raymond J Mellick The Amazing Raymond in 198t spend 14,000 hours developing a better temporary ink and image transfer system. Our range of temporary Tattoos products for fun and profit has been developed for ease of use and perfect application.

Thanks and Regards,

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