Temporary Tattoos Helping You make an Informed Choice

The key issue here is being able to make an informed choice and to sample our designs. You can’t sample a needle tattoo, so the next best thing is a non permanent temporary tattoo.

There are many ways that tattoo images can be transferred to the body.

Traditional tattooing uses a spirit based carbon stencil which lays down a purple image as a trace outline. This is then needled in. Some temporary transfer tattoos follow this same procedure where the outline of an image is drawn onto cigarette paper and transferred to the skin with alcohol pads. Then a special cosmetic blue/black/green ink mix is applied by hand over the outline on the skin. This is then powdered back.

Another great way to create tattoos is by drawing the image freehand. For this purpose an excellent cosmetic ink is needed. The ink should be able to be painted on the skin as a fine line without any “bleeding”. Longevity is important so a good design should last on the skin for one week or more.

Henna is another way of testing out designs. Henna, a paste made from natural plants with various added ingredients, is piped onto the skin. There is also an alternative henna which is a cosmetic red/brown ink.

With modern technology there is now another way of transferring an image onto the skin. Image outlines are screen printed onto cigarette paper and the image is transferred onto the skin with alcohol. You can then choose to hand paint the tattoos.

Images of tattoos have been used by the TV and movie industry for many years. More recently, TV shows and commercials have been using temporary tattoos to enhance the style and character of a scene. Usually the makeup artists at the production house will apply the designs.

There are many ways that you can try out temporary tattoo designs. Companies love the idea of using a custom temporary tattoo logo to promote their business. They supply the artwork and the image is stepped up in reverse and then printed by either a digital process or by offset methods. Digital tattoos can be printed the next day while offset temporary tattoo printing take three weeks. Custom logo tattoos are a real “ice breaker” for sales conferences; people are talking and networking right away.

Schools use custom temporary tattoos too for fund raising and to identify different coloured sports houses on event days.

High technology paper is available now for instantly creating amazing pieces of art. The very best result is obtained by using this paper and a colour laser printer. The paper can also be drawn on directly and then the image transferred to the skin. A number of years ago a cosmetic ink came onto the market making non permanent tattoos appear as realistic as traditional needle tattoos. The ink effectively puts down a “second skin”, helping the tattoo last for up to two weeks; at the same time this removes the shine, giving a matte look to the tattoo. This allows you to photograph the tattoo at very close range without any need for photo retouching.

Did you know that you can also try glamour and luxury style tattoos? This is like adding jewellery before going out or fronting up for the catwalk. Temporary tattoos have always been considered somewhat taboo. Today temporary tattoos are readily accepted and even embraced as a way of expressing a person’s personality and style. Movie stars are now embracing this whole body art arena.

Why do people want to wear tattoos? We think it is to impress, shock and amaze your friends, lovers and even your great aunt Betty.

Hopefully young people reading this will now be able to make an informed choice/decision about getting a tattoo and not having any regrets.

Raymond J Mellick The Amazing Raymond in 1985 spend 14,000 hours developing a better Temporary Ink and Image Transfer System designed for people with no special skill.Our range of Temporary Tattoos products for fun and profit has been developed for ease of use and perfection of application and visual look

Article Source: Amazing Raymond is a Legend


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