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Amazing Raymond Black Airbrush Ink

September 27, 2015

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Just Made up another 4 Litres of Black Airbrush Ink for use at the Melbourne Show


Footy Time=Tattoo Sleeves be Quick

September 25, 2015


Temporary Tattoos Australia Tattoo Sleeves

Our Tattoo Sleeves were first designed for TV and Movie application. Now with the huge demand for our Tattoo Sleeves based on favourite AFL Football player Tattoos we have added in more great Sleeve designs. You will be able to really shock and impress your friends….

Bloke Sleeves Temporary Tattoo SleevesTattoo Sleeves

Easily slide them on and off your arms or legs, the material is stretchable (similiar to stockings).

Our Original Raymel™ Tattoo Sleeves are stitched top and bottom and won’t come apart like some others can

Also our Tattoo Sleeves are a tight stretch so they look real when put on

Use Temporary Tattoo Sleeves as a Fund Raiser for Fetes, Festivals, Birthday Parties or at your school. Easily slide them on and off your arms or legs, the material is stretchable (similiar to ladies stockings).

Our Tattoo Sleeves are best worn with a T-Shirt to cover the top of the tattoo sleeve and wrist jewellery to cover the bottom to give the sleeve a more realistic look– see image above. Great for costume parties, concerts or just fooling your mates. As seen on the footy field

Made from 92% Nylon + 8% Spandex. Sleeves are COLD Machine Washable and best laid flat to dry. Do NOT Iron, Tumble Dry, use any strong detergents. Our Tattoo Sleeves are one size with a tight weave so men, women and children buy and wear them without complaint

Amy Winehouse Tattoos for your next Party

September 15, 2015

Our Amy Tattoos will complete your costume


Amy Winehouse Temporary Tattoos

Picture of Frankly Winehouse used by Raymond Mellick with permission

Thanks to our competitor for a 40% increase in Sales

September 12, 2015

To the Melbourne Competitor who has tried to copy Amazing Raymond® in every way, even to the point on their Twitter account with the leading picture of Salvador Dali ha ha. Claiming a 30 year existence but in reality they been in existence for only 6 months. To this competitor who uses continuous misleading and deceptive conduct, cheap quality and copies the images, our lay down configuration, prices and promotional activity, a big THANK YOU for increasing our Sales by over 40% in the past 6 months. Please don’t stop copying the Original and Best: Amazing Raymond® Tattoos Without Needles®

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Try before you Buy the “Real” Tattoos

September 10, 2015

Try before you buy the “Real’ Tattoos

Temporary Tatoos New Shop

September 1, 2015

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