Bloke Temporary Tattoos


Shop for Bloke Temporary Tattoos

Let your inner macho man run wild with The Amazing Raymond® popular bloke temporary tattoos! Whether you ‘re looking to experience the feel of a full sleeve before getting permanently inked, wanting to dress up as your favourite male celebrity, or just thinking of something fun to try out on a boys’ night or buck’s party, this collection will be perfect for you.

Centred on traditional masculine designs, The Amazing Raymond® bloke temporary tattoos feature a range of tough-looking images that will give you a really edgy appearance. You can choose among a wide variety of ready-to-wear half sleeves, or you can have your choice of smaller skulls, dragons, snakes, daggers, panthers and many more, which can be pieced together to produce awe-inspiring, calf, neck, back or chest pieces. Additionally, you can have your pick of tribal armbands and customisable knuckle word tattoos that will look shockingly real.

Temporary tattoo A4 sheets couldn’t be easier to apply. Just cut out each design, place it directly on skin, and transfer using a wet sponge or cloth. For an even more authentic-looking finish, order Liquiskin® Matt Concealer, which will help your tattoo last up to two full weeks, and will get rid of the shine that makes temporary tattoos seem fake. What’s more, the Amazing Raymond® temporary tattoos are printed using on our ultra-realistic secret colour combination that gives the tattoos a genuine look, indistinguishable from truly worn permanent ink. Text Copyright Raymond Mellick

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