Gangsta Style Temporary Tattoos


Shop for Gangsta Style Temporary Tattoos

Become a real legend with The Amazing Raymond® best-selling Gangsta Style Temporary Tattoos! Perfect for a costume party, celebrity impersonation, or just to look like the coolest guy in the hood. Our Gangsta  Style Temporary Tattoos have a long-lasting ultra-realistic look that will make you look like a legit bad-ass.

Inspired by urban culture and street gangs, The Amazing Raymond® Gangsta Style Temporary tattoos explore the themes associated with the struggles and hardships of the so-called thug life. The most prevalent images in this collection are skulls, skeletons, grim reapers, and other symbols of death, as well as firearms and weapons, which represent the dangerous lifestyle of gang members and the kill or be killed mentality. Other popular designs depict the vices and addiction, money and greed and religious iconography and beautiful, sexy women, of course!

Each A4 sheet contains a variety of tattoo designs, easy to cut up and transfer. For an extra Gangsta look, apply the Temporary Tattoos around the neck, chest, arms and hands. They can be combined with The Amazing Raymond® popular Letters Temporary Tattoos to get the real thug look: live free, stay true, good evil, and game over are some examples of trendy prison-style tattoos that you can wear on your knuckles.

The Amazing Raymond® Gangsta Style Temporary Tattoos are designed on a monochromatic palette based on our super-genuine secret colour formula, tried and tested to render an authentic worn ink feel on skin upon application. And for a truly impressive touch, try our Liquiskin® Tattoo Matt Concealer, which will give your Temporary Tattoos a matte finish and will last up to two full weeks. Text Copyright 2017 Raymond Mellick

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