Hens and Bucks Party Tattoos



The Amazing Raymond® Hens & Bucks temporary tattoos are the best choice to get your party noticed at your bachelorette or bachelor’s night out. An original, fun element to share among the bride or groom’s entourage, this collection guarantees that everyone at the pub or club will know the reason why you’re celebrating. What a way to get free drinks and busk in all the attention on this special event!

Perfect for your last fling before the ring, The Amazing Raymond® Hens temporary tattoos consist of a wide range of sassy designs. Some of our best-selling options include classics, such as “Bride Tribe” or “Team Bride”. More risqué, yet classy, alternatives can be found on our A4 sheets, each of which consists of over thirty individual tattoos. And if you want to go the extra mile, you can opt for our unique, customisable selections, where you can print the bride’s name as part of the design. Some of our Hens tattoos are also available in metallic or faux metallic gold, shocking pink, or modern white. For an extra glam look don’t miss out on our Golden Sparks Shimmer Sparkle Powder to let your inner diva shine bright.

And for your mate’s last night of freedom, The Amazing Raymond® Bucks tattoos are a great way to celebrate and promote your bromance. Let everyone know you’re the “Groom’s Support Team” by flaunting these cool temporary tattoos on your next stag night. Other popular designs, like “Game Over”, “Team Groom”, or “Caution: Bucks Night in Progress”, are part of our practical A4 tattoo sheets, full of playful, tongue-in-cheek motifs. Additionally, you can combine these with our masculine Gangsta or Blokes collection to give the groom and his crew a manly tattoo sleeve or neck piece. Join the “Wolf Pack” with The Amazing Raymond® Bucks tattoos!

Text Copyright 2017 Raymond Mellick

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