Temporary Tattoos Guru-The Best



Based in Melbourne, Temporary Tattoos Guru produces the best-quality, super real, long lasting tattoos for any occasion. Hundreds of innovative, original designs, printed with the latest cutting-edge technology, and the Guru’s secret ink formulas on top-notch temporary tattoo paper.

Our temporary tattoos are great fun for boys and girls, men and women of all ages, and suitable for a range of events and celebrations. Some of our designs, aimed at children, are fantastic for birthday parties, school events, fundraisers and any other special day. And our fully customisable tailor-made logo options, targeted at companies and organisations, are an outstanding way to brand corporate or institutional events, and advertise your product or service on body billboards. Don’t miss out on an amazing chance! Printed on the same day in Australia, with free shipping and delivery, Temporary Tattoos Guru provides a must-have for your next event.

Easy to apply and remove, you can get your dream tattoo without needles: no pain, your gain! Whether you’re looking to try out a design before deciding to get inked for life, or if you want to rock a new tattoo style for only a couple of weeks, these tattoos are ideal for those who can’t commit. All the perks of a cool, trendsetting, attractive look, without the consequences of a permanent tattoo. Just order your favourite temporary tattoo sheet, cut out and transfer. Instant satisfaction: no hassle, no regrets. The Temporary Tattoos Guru’s advice: Think before you Ink! Text: Copyright 2017 Raymond Mellick

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