Mermaid Temporary Tattoos



Get a taste of the ocean with The Amazing Raymond® Mermaid Temporary Tattoos. Sexy and seductive, these half-human, half-aquatic creatures are the perfect tattoo design for the summer.

Undulating under the sea, or luring sailors with their bewitching voices, mermaids are one of the most captivating subjects of ancient mythology and folklore. Typically depicted as a fantastic being with the head and torso of a gorgeous young woman and the tail of a fish, the mermaid symbolises temptation, seductiveness and, more importantly, danger. Legends from all over the world portray sirens charming gullible, beauty-struck men, only to lead them to menacing situations, such as shipwrecks, storms, and death by drowning.

A recurring archetype in literature, painting and tattoo art, mermaids are voluptuous and beautiful, yet they can be spiteful, mischievous or tempestuous. Nonetheless, seamen have often seen them as benevolent creatures, and the tattoo tradition has transformed them into emblems of good luck, freedom, and a love of maritime life. Best worn on the arm, our A4 sheets also include a variety of nautical icons, such as vessels, treasures and anchors. Let yourself be enticed by these ocean creatures and hurry to get The Amazing Raymond® Mermaid Temporary Tattoos! Text Copyright 2017 Raymond Mellick

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