Tattoo Wars Part 1

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In 1989 Australia was in a serous recession. Many people were losing jobs and even though I was a Graphic Artist and Make up Artist I was finding it very hard to get work. United States of America seemed to be the place to go to get a fresh start and my friend was a Make up Artist at Universal Studios.

This gave me the opportunity to get up close and personal with Body Art and Temporary Tattoos for Actors for TC and film. I loved this and decided that this was the career I would pursue. After being in the states for 6 months I was broke and came back to Australia with the Tattoo concept and my talent and personality.

What was I going to do as I had no money and rent was due shortly. I decided to set up a little stall at the Vineyard Restaurant at St Kilda next to Luna Park. I made a Mad Hatters Cap and had a sign Temp Tatts $3-$9 both on front and back of Hat. I put up all my designs and started to work using the materials I had purchased in America. I would apply and Outline and then hand paint it in.

The very first guy who got a Tattoo from me looked at me then at the Tattoos and said…”Raymond it’s Amazing it looks Real…” I made $350.00 in that first day and though wow that is so good. When I went home that day I was thinking about what the guy had said to me and I realised that he had given me my new Name and Trade Mark Amazing Raymond® Temporary Tattoos was born

The next weekend I went back to St Kilda and made $500.00 for the day and though I need to market this new business as it is a winner. Though word of mouth I attended private parties applied my craft and Tattooing everyone. Birthdays, Weddings, Divorces etc etc I was there with my paints and brushes. I engaged other artists to organise other parties and paid them commissions and so I was paying rent and enjoying a bit of freedom financially.

The big problem I found was that for me to be successful I would need to own all the formulas and inks/screen printing formulas so I set out step by step to get a cosmetic chemist to come up with same samples after giving a full comprehensive brief as to what the products need to achieve on the skin.

I became very frustrated as the chemists could only go so far and not one step further so I paid them off and got there work and research and then spent 14,000 hours in developing inks, transfers, screen printing inks and papers that would enable me to control the business fully in Australia. The way I know it was 14,000 hours is because every test was a model of the formula painted onto skin and then removed with an alcohol pad. 20,000 pads were used over the 3 years of development.

What was the brief for the inks that the chemists could not achieve. The ink had to be painted on with a sable brush to be able to paint a line as fine as a pin, dry in 4 seconds, be rub resistant and water resistant for at least one week and most importantly the product could not run off on a woman’s’ $5000.00 Chanel white coat.

While I was developing the inks I started to sell my self to Business to be able to continue to make money. I went to the night club scene and the first Nightclub I approached told me they did not want that shit in our club. So rather then be defeated I went to actors of E Street and Neighbors and asked them If I could get a picture of me and them to use as publicity. All actors agreed and helped me.

I ended up with a large rage of shots with me and various actors with my Tattoos. Then I went back again to the nightclubs and they then like the idea but asked me how much I was prepared to pay them. I said that I was a value added component into their business buy getting punters to buy a special shooter the club gave them a ticket to get a free Tattoos. Club made a lot of extra money and I had a regular payment coming in from over 30 Nightclubs. I did this for many years to understand the cold face of the business.

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