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Want a Real Tattoo?

May 26, 2016

Want a Real Tattoo? Here

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Resuable Temporary Tattoos last up to 2 weeks

August 12, 2015

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Tattoos get amazing exposure online

June 22, 2015

Amazing Raymond is an Adwords Genius and has combined this with the Temporary Tattoos Business to create a great success

 Raymond Mellick with one of his tattoos.

Amazing Raymond’s experience using Google AdWords to drum up business for his temporary tattoo enterprise has been nothing short of, um, amazing.

“Since I started using Ad Words six years ago my business has tripled; I now get 95 per cent of my business through the ‘net,” says Raymond Mellick, more commonly known as Amazing Raymond the Tattoo Man.

Thanks to his online advertising campaign, Amazing Raymond’s tattoos are now used by a well-known hardware chain and his tattoos have been used by Robert De Niro in his coming film The Killer Elite and by the cast of TV show City Homicide. Other high profile clients include Fox Studios and New Zealand’s South Pacific Pictures.

He also has a longstanding association with Melbourne’s Crown casino, for which he produces special tattoos for events such as AFL grand finals, Mother’s’ Day and New Year’s Eve. He also works with many corporate clients, creating tattoos of their logos for company events.

Initially, Amazing Raymond worked with digital agency Yodel Australia to set up his Google AdWords campaign, but he has subsequently run his campaigns by himself.

The ‘net works so well for him as a marketing tool because he has a number of different products and aliases and can run individual campaigns for each of his product lines.

For example, he runs campaigns around his Temporary Tattoos Guru site, and for his Amazing Raymond site.

“Because it’s so instant and measurable you can tweak a campaign and see results straight away. I also ask all my customers how they find me, through a sponsored link or through an organic search, and it’s usually through a paid search,” he says.

According to Amazing Raymond, success with online advertising is all about trial and error.

“I started with a $30 a day budget, then gradually increased it to $40 a day, then $50 a day, and the new business I get through online advertising now covers the cost of the campaign plus a lot more.”

Raymond, who has a marketing and graphic design background, developed his Melbourne-based business more than 20 years ago after seeing a similar concept in the US.

Yes, it'a a tattoo ... by Amazing Raymond.

He spent 14,000 hours developing cosmetic formulas that are safe to be applied to the skin, as well as a screen-printing formula. All the inks and papers he uses to make his temporary tattoos are tested to Australian standards.

“My main philosophy is to give people a fun way to have a tattoo without them having to commit needle to skin,” says Amazing Raymond, who has no real tattoos.

“Kids get boozed up and choose a design they haven’t even thought about. Then they find they have trouble getting a career job because despite what they think, tattoos are still taboo. If they go for a temporary tattoo initially they can at least make an informed decision if they want something more permanent.”

Amazing Raymond’s advice to other small businesses thinking about embarking on an online advertising campaign is “just do it”.

An Amazing Raymond tattoo.

He says “you can’t really make a mistake because you can change your campaign whenever you want. With Google AdWords you can work out how much you want to spend and call for expert advice whenever you need to. My secret is to check how my campaigns are going once or twice a day. That tells me which keywords are working and how you need to tweak them – it’s always a work in progress.”

But, says Raymond, make sure you have strong customer support systems in place to be able to handle an increase in business as a result of an online campaign.

“I always make sure I tell my customers that their order has been received and let them know it’s on its way and give them a tracking number,” he says.

“Online advertising has transformed my business and put me on the world stage; I now get lots of overseas orders thanks to my online ads. It’s amazing!”

Monday and Temporary Tattoos go hand in hand

June 21, 2015

Why does Monday go hand in hand with Temporary Tattoos because you want to take you kids to the zoo and don’t want them to get lost so now you can make up your own ID Tattoos with our Tattoo Paper..all you need is a printer

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Temporary Tattoos – A Hobby With Loads of Fun

June 18, 2015

Have you wondered what it would be like to turn a hobby that you really love into a great living? Temporary Tattoos are the perfect solution.

First you have to find the right products. There are many different ones to choose from and you will need the very best. Your choices for Temporary Tattoos range from hand painted, water release transfers, alcohol release tattoos, coloured inks, reusable stencil products, face and body paints and many other products.

The most important thing is to ‘Sell the Sizzle’ and create your name. It might be Raymond’s Temporary Tattoos or Sally Temp Tatts. Make sure you have a big, colourful logo and a large display of photos and pictures of tattoo art so that people can see you have a real Tattoo Studio. Crowds are drawn to colour and interesting designs.

People need to understand what you are doing as soon as they see you and be inspired to get their Tattoo. Be inviting but never push people to buy. If someone is standing there looking a bit shy, simply tell them to come into the studio rather than hanging back, looking through the glass. Always apply tattoos to yourself so you can show that it’s trouble-free and they work.

Keep your back to the crowd so people can see what you are doing. Give them time to check out the different Tattoo designs and when it’s their turn they won’t waste your time deciding which one they want. You can then work quickly and efficiently.

Application of perfect hi-tech Tattoos should take 20-30 seconds. In this way you can make good money. Your stock should cost about 30 cents per tattoo and can be sold for $3.00- $5.00 each. When the Tattoo is completed give the customer your card containing instructions on caring for their tattoo and your phone details so people can come back to you or tell their friends.

Be careful when working outside. If it’s a windy day your Airbrush Gun could clog up. There are rescue products available that will allow you to immediately switch over to a different method so that you can keep working and not lose any money, even if the electricity is cut off.

Try not to do Henna at large events as it takes too long to dry. Henna is best left for private appointments where you have time for the Henna to dry.

Don’t forget to have your tattoo paper with you so you can create a design on the spot if someone wants a customised tattoo applied.

Displaying your Temporary Tattoos is so important. The best way is to have a sticky board where you place the tattoos image side out on the board. When a customer makes a purchase, remove the Tattoo and apply it. This leaves a gap on the board which should be refilled quickly. In this way the customer only sees what is in front of them and you will move all of your stock.

Make sure your work station is keep very clean and stocked up. Wear a uniform with your logo prominently displayed. Never sit to work. Standing is easier and you can move the customer easily to apply Tattoos on various spots on the Body.

Always add-in colour for FREE. Show that you care about adding value and giving good customer service. Let people know that the main reason you are doing this is to encourage young people not to commit to permanent tattoos. A try-before-you-buy philosophy will help them make an informed choice so there are no regrets.

Next you need to start working in nightclubs. Take your kit into the club and suggest to the owners that their customers get a free tattoo voucher with each drink they buy. You will then let the customer choose for FREE any Tattoo on the board which you will apply. The club pays in advance for this service, half before the event and the balance on the day or night it takes place. Confirm the booking date once the cheque for the advance payment has been cleared. Everyone’s a winner, the customer gets something for FREE, the club is rewarded with happy customers who will keep coming back and you get paid.

While you are doing all this, talk to other Tattooists and suggest that they send their customers to you to trial different Tattoo Designs. Their customers can really think about the design and where they want it applied. They don’t need to rush and the Tattooists are happy as they don’t want people coming to them who can’t make a decision.

Everyone benefits and you will always be in paid work.

Temporary Tattoos can be the secret of your success in the TV and Film industry. You will make many contacts and get great opportunities presented to you. You will make so much money and love every moment. Enjoy Temporary Tattoos.

Raymond J Mellick The Amazing Raymond in 198t spend 14,000 hours developing a better temporary ink and image transfer system. Our range of temporary Tattoos products for fun and profit has been developed for ease of use and perfect application.

Thanks and Regards,

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The Age Small Business has written a story on The Legendary Amazing Raymond

March 23, 2015

Even The Age Newspaper Small Business has written an article on the legendary Amazing Raymond The Tattoo Man

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With Ink and brush the Master works to create Living Fabric TM

With Ink and brush the Amazing Raymond  works to create Living Fabric TM

30 Years in Business we are Australia’s Favorite Temporary Tattoos

February 22, 2015

We have been rearranging links on our websites, We now have 40 product lines…..thing are getting a bit out of control in a good way. Can’t help it if we are Australia’s Favourite Temporary Tattoos. Amazing Raymond 30 years in this Business

Your Logo Temporary Tattoos printed Same day in Aussie and delivery is FREE


Temporary Tattoos printed today in Aussie and FREE Delivery

November 29, 2014

Temporary Tattoos=Amazing Raymond

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Time for making some serious Cash for your school

aj2 Movie Star Gold and Sliver Tattoos Movies Star 2 day old tattoos

In the Style of Harry Potter Deathly Hallows


Now you can paint on our Glitter

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DIY Temporary Tattoos with or without a printer

May 11, 2011

We have developed an Amazing DIY Tattoo Paper that you can draw directly onto or use your printer. Watch or Video Demonstrations Here

Make your own Temporary Tattoos with our DIY Tattoo Paper

Now you can create and print your own Tattoos as easy as 123