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Want a Real Tattoo?

May 26, 2016

Want a Real Tattoo? Here

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Our DIY Tattoo Paper from $8.50

November 26, 2015

SHOP HERE from only $8.50

Make your Own Temporary Tattoos at home by yourself  on your Inkjet or Laser Printer with our Fabulous Tattoo Paper

Our DIY Tattoo Paper for Ink Jet and Laser Printers is Fun. This is a fabulous product. Easy, Fun and Safe to use. Because of the coating on this paper you will get the end result that looks like a High Tech “Lick and Stick” type of Sticker On. Extremely cute for kids parties, name ID’s and small sport team logos. Easy. Safe, Fast and Fun…You can even draw onto this paper

If you want to sell Your Tattoos in the retail market, or use for Movie, TV Industry for Super realistic Tattoos, then this is NOT the paper for you and to avoid any disappointment please Buy our Premium Quality Tattoo Paper Here  for real looking professional long lasting tattoos

Bart one of our Customers after buying our Ink Jet Tattoo paper and Liquiskin® wrote this comment.

…” What san I say? Cheap, Easy, DIY Solution. Perfect first time as promised. Liquiskin® is a must- don’t go overboard with it. Thanks!…”

Liquiskin® Tattoo mat-e-fi-r™ Formulas have now been redeveloped to use with both Ink Jet and Laser Tattoo Paper. When you purchase theLiquiskin® we will supply the correct formula which will be suitable for  the type of paper you purchase

Wednesday is the day for making your own Temporary Tattoos

June 23, 2015

Perfect for Fun Tatts Print our Tattoo Paper on your Inkjet printer for fun and hobby… The result looks like a “Lick and Stick” transfer similar to the good old days of the Bubble Gum Stick On Tatts. Extremely cute for a kid’s parties

For professional LONG LASTING super real looking tattoos, our own exclusive LASER ONLY Tattoo Paper and Liquiskin® Tattoo Shine remover below is the way to go. You can’t use Liquiskin® mat-e-fi-r™ with Ink Jet Paper


Temporary TattoosTemporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos

Monday and Temporary Tattoos go hand in hand

June 21, 2015

Why does Monday go hand in hand with Temporary Tattoos because you want to take you kids to the zoo and don’t want them to get lost so now you can make up your own ID Tattoos with our Tattoo Paper..all you need is a printer

Easy, safe and fun Shop HERE

Product review: Amazing Raymond Temporary Tattoos

October 10, 2014

Product review: Amazing Raymond Temporary Tattoos.



Perfect for Fun Tatts. Print our Tattoo Paper on your Inkjet printer for fun and hobby… The result looks like a “Lick and Stick” transfer similar to the good old days of the Bubble Gum Stick On Tatts.  Extremely cute for a kid’s parties 

Make your own Tattoos at home. All you need is a Printer

January 5, 2014

If you have a printer at home did you know you can now make up your own tattoos


Check out our new Guru Website with state of the art shopping cart and parcel tracking

August 14, 2013


We have just launched our new website Temporary Tattoos Guru. It is easier in all ways to use and enjoy the shopping experience

Temporary Tattoos Papers

May 24, 2012

Welcome to The Amazing Raymond® Temporary Stickon Tattoos

We have been manufacturing and selling Temporary Tattoos to Australian Businesses and the general public for over 20 years, providing an Amazing range of Body Art, Custom and In Stock Temporary Tattoos products.

Here at Amazing Raymond® Temporary Tattoos we are the leading innovators of our industry in Australia. We pride ourselves on having cutting edge quality, technology and customer service. Our Unique and exclusive Laser only Tattoo Paper and Liquiskin® Tattoo Shine remover have been used extensively on Bikie Wars-Brothers in Arms TV Series


Temporary Tattoos now look Super-Real

November 30, 2011

Our New DIY Laser only Tattoo Paper combined with our Famous Liquiskin® Tattoo Shine remover for Super-Real results in only a few minutes.

Special Thanks to Stephen Nicholls for this great comment

“…….Ray,your DIY tatts are fantastic.
When I mention temporary tattoos some people still think of kids transfers from bubble gum.
Thought I would put that silly myth to bed.
Made up a sheet of prison tatts, even one that looks scratched on with a pin.
Hope folks enjoy the ‘not so neat edges’ on these bad boys.
Cheers Ray,
And as always…Great Product!!!!………………….

Product Review of our DIY Tattoo Paper

September 19, 2011

This product review was written by Nessbow on our DIY Tattoo paper exactly one year ago today.

Over the past few weeks, I have been asked several times how I created the tattoos for my Lydia the Tattooed Lady costume. When I was working out what to wear for that costume party, I wanted my tattoos to look as realistic as possible. I ruled out using tattoo sleeves or stockings early on. I have a pair of tattoo stockings, and while they are great fun to wear, they don’t look very realistic. I thought about drawing the tatts on, but I was worried about the ink rubbing off during the party or staining my clothes (or the host’s couch).

Make your own Temporary Tattoos

These Tattoos look fabulous

I found a brilliant website that specialises in realistic temporary tattoos. Amazing Raymond has a huge range of temporary tattoo products that aren’t super-expensive and work quite well.

For my Lydia costume, I wanted to be able to customise my tatts as much as possible. I wanted to have a range of tattoos that match the body art in the Groucho Marx song, but I also wanted to be able to inject a little of my own personality and humour into the tatts. Amazing Raymond prints customised tattoos in bulk lots, if you provide your own design.

See the Full Review Here