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Fundraising Tattooos

September 18, 2014

We are coming up to the fetes and festivals tome of the year and this is a great opportunity to have a look at our new range of colored in stock tattoos to help you make some serious cash for your school or event

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Time for making some serious Cash for your school

Your Logo printed as a Tattoo

March 26, 2014

This is very cool. Simply supply us with your artwork and we can print your Tattoos next day. This is the time for school fetes and festivals where you can use the tattoo logos as a fund raiser. What about the different house sporting team colours. Great as Tattoos

Our Custom Logo Temporary Tattoos are perfect for sales promotions and conferences. school fetes to raise money, pass outs for nightclubs, brand awareness for product launches and business logos.

We can print virtually any logo you supply (even photo quality images). Our Custom Logo Temporary Tattoos are perfect for swimming, netball and hockey teams, personal use, TV, theater and commercial TV/Film shoots, fund raising, wedding invitations and small team events.

Talk to us today 0418589792 or go onto our web page to order now.Image

Go as Amy to your next Party

August 12, 2013

Want to Look Really cool at your Next Party. Why not go as Amy. We have available Amazing Tattoos in the Style of Amy Winehouse.

Liquiskin Tattoo Shine Remover

Amy Winehouse TattoosAmy Winehouse Temporary Tattoos

Images thanks to Jodie Charles

1xA4 Sheet of above Images in the style of Amy Winehouse inc 5ml Liquiskin™ Tattoo Shine remover, Liquid Skin Shine Off™, Brush with Instructions Total $24.99 Buy

1xA4 Sheet of above Images in the style of Amy Winehouse with just Instructions Total $14.99 Buy

Temporary Tattoos

September 1, 2011

The Amazing Oscar The Magical Mascot Rabbit

The Amazing Oscar The Magical White Mascot Rabbit

Hi I am Ocsar The Magical White Mascot Rabbit and I give The Amazing Raymond inspiration with all of his Temporary Tattoos-Products (10 ranges in Total) We work as a team. He asks me if I like this Ink Colour or that Temporary Tattoo Design, I give him my feedback and I feature in all of Raymond’s “How to” Video Demonstrations. Have a look at his Great Temporary Tattoos website or call me 0418589792

The Magic of Temporary Tattoos

August 3, 2010

Temporary Tattoos- the new Black

Over the years people have tried many different ways of transferring images to the body for body art and design. Tattooists use a spirit based carbon stencil which puts down a purple image as a trace outline and then needle over it. Temporary Tattooists can also use this method as well, but instead of needling the outline they will tend to use a jet Black ink to paint over the top of this outline and then powder the design back.

Drawing the image freehand is another way to go to creat the Tattoo or body art you wish. For this purpose an excellent construction ink is needed to be able to paint a line as fine as a pin without bleeding

Henna is yet another way of creating an image onto the body. Henna is a paste made from natural plants with ingredients added to it to pipe onto the skin. When it dries you get a stain on the skin lasting a few days.

With technology there is now another way of transferring an image onto the skin tattoo transfers. These are created by you as design art on-screen and then printed onto a specially coated water release transfer paper. The paper is either screen printed, off set printed or digitally printed to give fabulous results.