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Want a Real Tattoo?

May 26, 2016

Want a Real Tattoo? Here

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Over 98,000 Colour Tattoos available now

March 3, 2016


Temporary Tattoos, Fake Tattoos are fun

Easy, Fast, Safe and Simple to Apply. Affordable and FDA Compliant. Applied with water

Applied by people with NO special artistic skill. Lasting up to one week on the skin or can be Instantly removed with any perfume or Baby Oil.

Applied for a minimum from $0.50 cents to $4.00 + each and then at the same time get the kids to buy another Tattoo/s to take home and apply themselves for a further $1.00 + each. In this way you double your sales.

Our Coloured Tattoos are released onto the skin with water and a sponge. Easy, Simple, Fast and Safe.

Designed for people with No special artistic skill-Ideal for Fetes and Fund Raising

Fundraising Tattoos



Our DIY Tattoo Paper from $8.50

November 26, 2015

SHOP HERE from only $8.50

Make your Own Temporary Tattoos at home by yourself  on your Inkjet or Laser Printer with our Fabulous Tattoo Paper

Our DIY Tattoo Paper for Ink Jet and Laser Printers is Fun. This is a fabulous product. Easy, Fun and Safe to use. Because of the coating on this paper you will get the end result that looks like a High Tech “Lick and Stick” type of Sticker On. Extremely cute for kids parties, name ID’s and small sport team logos. Easy. Safe, Fast and Fun…You can even draw onto this paper

If you want to sell Your Tattoos in the retail market, or use for Movie, TV Industry for Super realistic Tattoos, then this is NOT the paper for you and to avoid any disappointment please Buy our Premium Quality Tattoo Paper Here  for real looking professional long lasting tattoos

Bart one of our Customers after buying our Ink Jet Tattoo paper and Liquiskin® wrote this comment.

…” What san I say? Cheap, Easy, DIY Solution. Perfect first time as promised. Liquiskin® is a must- don’t go overboard with it. Thanks!…”

Liquiskin® Tattoo mat-e-fi-r™ Formulas have now been redeveloped to use with both Ink Jet and Laser Tattoo Paper. When you purchase theLiquiskin® we will supply the correct formula which will be suitable for  the type of paper you purchase

Have a Look at our Amazing New Products

November 22, 2013
Temporary Tattoos-Helping you make an informed choice

Temporary Tattoos Guru at your Service

Amazing Raymond is The Temporary Tattoo Guru and we welcome you to Temporary Tattoos Guru. Offering you FREE Delivery we are your Online Manufacturer and supplier in Melbourne Australia of in stock, custom and promotional Temporary Tattoos. Our Temporary Tattoos, Tattoo Papers and Inks-Comply with Australian Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124.3:2003

The latest craze has been our Vintage Amy Temporary Tattoos and Asian Inspired Temporary Tattoos Collection. You can now even create and print your own Tattoos with our DIY Temporary Tattoos Paper. We are continuously developing new and exciting ways to make your Temporary Tattoos look so real in daylight. We do this by using Liquiskin Tattoo Shine remover which is used all over the world both in retail and Movie and film environments.We have not forgot about the Blokes. Our Bloke Sleeves Tattoo Sleeves, Eye Tattoos, Black and Dragon Temporary Tattoos have been a run away success. Now you can make your own “Diamond Brooches” with our New Glitter Inks

Start your own Temporary Tattoos business!

Make excellent profit with our wholesale price Temporary Tattoo products (up to 10 times your outlay). No  special artistic skills required!
Check out our New Dab Dab Tatts Airbrush Look-A-Like Tattoo System using reusable stencils that are easy to apply and save you money. Have a look at all of our How to Videos showing you step by step application tips and techniques of our unique Temporary Tattoos.

Our products are unique because we use our own exclusive hi tech formulations since 1988. Introducing our New Make your own Name alphabet letters in Bloke Tattoos category and extra Large Armband Temporary Tattoos. You will love our Asian Inspired Tattoos so much that you will just wear them all the time as your new Skinprints Skin Jewelry. For super-real tattoo effect use our Liquiskin Tattoo Shine Remover for long lasting and Super Real FX Temporary TattoosPlease enjoy your shopping and feel free call us any time on 0418589792 for further information

Please send us your Feedback on the site

Skinprints® Leopard Skin Temporary Tattoos are so naughty that they are nice

April 30, 2013


Our New Skinprints® Leopard Skin Tattoos are now available from Amazing Raymond. They are very sexy and a bit naughty. Use them to Shock, Impress or Disgust your Parents, Friends Lover(s) or great Aunt Betty. Simply cut out from sheet and use our magic exclusive Liquiskin® Tattoo Shine remover to make the Tattoos look SUPER REAL watch YouTube Video

BUY Skinprints® Leopard Skin Temporary Tattoos Here

Publicity & Amazing Raymond go hand in hand

June 22, 2012

Publicity and Amazing Raymond

Jade and his Tatts and cool friend

Out on a Limb-Body Billboards®

Background-Things that make us proud

The Amazing Raymond® The Original can design our products to fit your corporate strategy to be innovative, satisfy consumer trends, have mainstream appeal and create a leading edge.

The philosophy of Amazing Raymond® Tattoos Without Needles® Launched in 1988 is:

– To encourage young people to make an informed choice and NOT commit needle to skin

-To have 150% commitment to excellence, outstanding and innovative products

-To offer a back up and custoemr service which is second to none

-To always give more than is required or expected

-To never give up ..even though it took 14,000 hours to develop the Amazing Raymond® Tattoo Formulas

The Amazing Raymond® has appeared extensively on National TV, in Magazines, Radio and Press as

“The Cosmetic Artist to the Stars”


Channel 7 11am, Steve Vizard Show, Channel 9 Today Show, Australian Womens Weekly, Australian Post, Picture Magazine, Truth Magazine, Beat and Inpress Mags, Good Morning Australia(10), Albury Border Mail, Saturday at Ricks(9), Channel 9 In Melbourne Today Ernie and Denise, The Midday Show Ray Martin, Melbourne Times, Who Weekly Magazine, Age(Good Weekend Magazine, Herald Sun and Sunday Herald Sun, MSO and Outrage Magazines, Bert Newton on 10, Albury Prime TV, Midday with Kerri-Anne, The Emerald Hill Times, Yarra Leader, Tattoos Downunder Magazine

Such is Life Tattoos Now Available

June 4, 2012

Such is Life Tattoos are now available on our website


Thanks to Ash Drake

Introducing new Incredible Asian Inspired Temporary Tattoos

May 26, 2012

Introducing our new Range of fabulous Asian Inspired Temporary TattoosImage

Our products are unique because we use our own exclusive hi tech formulations. Combine this with speed of application and super real FX and you have Amazing Raymond® Temporary Tattoos

You will love our Asian Inspired Tattoos so much that you will just wear them all the time as your new

Skinprints Skin Jewelry®

For super-real tattoo effect use our Liquiskin® Tattoo Shine Remover

Temporary Tattoos

September 1, 2011

The Amazing Oscar The Magical Mascot Rabbit

The Amazing Oscar The Magical White Mascot Rabbit

Hi I am Ocsar The Magical White Mascot Rabbit and I give The Amazing Raymond inspiration with all of his Temporary Tattoos-Products (10 ranges in Total) We work as a team. He asks me if I like this Ink Colour or that Temporary Tattoo Design, I give him my feedback and I feature in all of Raymond’s “How to” Video Demonstrations. Have a look at his Great Temporary Tattoos website or call me 0418589792

Make Your Own Temporary Tattoos

September 1, 2011

Have you ever thought that it would be really cool to make your own Temporary Tattoos? Well now it is really easy thanks to Amazing Raymond Temporary Tattoos.
Make your own Tattoos for your childs next Birthday Party, create ID Tattoos so your kids wont get lost, create Tattoos that will enable you to trial, different designs to see which one you like the best.

All you need to do is go to our website and you will see our exclusive Tattoo Papers. One is suitable for InkJet and the other is suitable only for Laser Printers. Also you don’t even need a printer. You can draw your own designs directly onto the paper and WOW in a couple of minutes you can apply the Tattoo directly to your skin.

Have a look at this video here to see our Laser only paper being used in combination with our famous Liquiskin TM Tattoo Shine remover. You will see before your eyes and only in approx 4-5 seconds the Tattoo becomes real. This product is easy, safe and fun to use. Major TV and Movie production companies in Australia including South Pacific Pictures in New Zealand, Warner Bros Movie World, City Homicide, Killing Time, Rush, Offspring to name a few have used or are currently using our Liquiskin® Tattoo Shine remover and/or Tattoo papers

Order 3 or more Sheets of Tattoo paper and receive free an Amazing Tattoo Sleeve chosen by us as our Thank you. Feel free to call us at any time to discuss this Make Your Own Temporary Tattoos product 0418589792