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Our New Promotional Image for 2016

December 31, 2015

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December 20, 2015

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Our DIY Tattoo Paper from $8.50

November 26, 2015

SHOP HERE from only $8.50

Make your Own Temporary Tattoos at home by yourself  on your Inkjet or Laser Printer with our Fabulous Tattoo Paper

Our DIY Tattoo Paper for Ink Jet and Laser Printers is Fun. This is a fabulous product. Easy, Fun and Safe to use. Because of the coating on this paper you will get the end result that looks like a High Tech “Lick and Stick” type of Sticker On. Extremely cute for kids parties, name ID’s and small sport team logos. Easy. Safe, Fast and Fun…You can even draw onto this paper

If you want to sell Your Tattoos in the retail market, or use for Movie, TV Industry for Super realistic Tattoos, then this is NOT the paper for you and to avoid any disappointment please Buy our Premium Quality Tattoo Paper Here  for real looking professional long lasting tattoos

Bart one of our Customers after buying our Ink Jet Tattoo paper and Liquiskin® wrote this comment.

…” What san I say? Cheap, Easy, DIY Solution. Perfect first time as promised. Liquiskin® is a must- don’t go overboard with it. Thanks!…”

Liquiskin® Tattoo mat-e-fi-r™ Formulas have now been redeveloped to use with both Ink Jet and Laser Tattoo Paper. When you purchase theLiquiskin® we will supply the correct formula which will be suitable for  the type of paper you purchase

Xmas Shopping at Amazing Raymond Tattoos

November 20, 2015


Xmas has come early and what better way to give a cool gift to your friends.

Amazing Raymond Tattoos has the answer. Select any combination of 4xA4 Sheets of our in stock tattoos and pay only $28.50 for the lot

What are you waiting for..Be quick as stock is going fast

Temporary Tatoos New Shop

September 1, 2015

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Take a Photo and we will make it a Tattoo for you

August 12, 2015

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From print to skin Tattoos are fun

Take a pic of your Dog











Resuable Temporary Tattoos last up to 2 weeks

August 12, 2015

Get the exact look of Airbrush Temporary Tattoos without the need for any electricity, gun, compressor, gas or skill… SHOP HERE

…with our Dab Dab Tatts® Ink Tattoo System giving you “Airbrush/Henna Look-A-Like” Tattoos

Use our Ink System with any Reusable Airbrush Stencils

Ink does not take 48 hours to activate. It is Jet Black, dries instantly in 4 seconds and can last on skin for up two weeks

See our Brand New Automated System for Tattoo Logo Set Up

July 22, 2015

Printing your Logo Tattoos SAME DAY
See our Brand New Automated System for Logo Set Up


We have been manufacturing and selling Fake Henna Temporary Tattoos worldwide for almost 30 years, providing an Amazing range of Body Art, Custom and In Stock Temporary Tattoos products.

We are the only company in the world today that can print your custom logo tattoos SAME day using our hi tech back end content management admin system that automatically sets up your artwork and then sends it for immediate printing.

We can even print just one tattoo for you

Our System enables:-

1. Ability for user to specify the number of logos/size required

2. Calculator to determine the price and display this to the client ready for their acceptance and buy button

3 Allow user to input promo instructions on back of logos with website and/or phone number, leave blank or add in a message

4. Print instructions on back of Tattoo

5. Creates cutting indicators

6. Resize images to the specified size

7. Reverse the images

8 Encapsulates all the images

9. Send to print team using intermediary software that takes commands from the website email and sends them directly to the print process queue

If you want 1 Tattoo or more call us now 0418589792 or go directly to the logo shop

Amazing Personalized Gifts

July 16, 2015

Amazing Personalized Gifts
We can print your favorite Logo/Design/Picture onto Temporary Tattoos, T Shirts in Black or White, Mugs great for Hens Parties, Stubby Holders perfect for Bucks Parties, and Mouse Pads. We can print white and our quality looks as if it has been screen printed. Very fast Turn around and the best prices


Printing White into our Temporary Tattoos

July 7, 2015

From the desk of The Amazing Raymond

8th July 2015

Over the past 12 months we have spend over $100,000 setting up three printers in Perth, Sydney and Queensland who following our hi tech instructions print our Same Day Tattoos and also add in white using top of the range Laser Printers and OKI White laser Printer for digital application. Combined with our Laser Only paper which has a patent on the process and application mechanism we have increased our sales by offering our customers the best quality in the fastest turn around time. Also by supplying to over 30 competitors in both Australia and elsewhere

Our “printers” are customers who have been purchasing from us for over 20 years and wanted to go to the next level of hobby/serious business level for themselves and so we organised full training and supply of machines for uniformity/quality

We also print our Temporary Tattoos by offset printing methods using CMYK full four colour process systems and use three companies one of which is inside Australia.

Also we are about to go live now online with our CMS automatic system for setting up, flipping and sending logo tattoos creating the scripts straight to the Laser printer. This process cost us over $62,000.00 for IT and development. To make money you need to spend money!!

We always will spend money on updating and making our Business competitive and relevant in this Temporary Tatoos and Airbrush Body Art market place.

Taking this philosophy of uniformity to thew front, we have products that are not only perfect but all guillotining is automatic, professional and perfect to the mm

Custom Logo Temporary Tattoos

If you think Tattoos….Then Think The Amazing Raymond The Tattoo Man


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